Further North ~ 5th September 2014

The Northern Peripheries Network held its final conference at the University of Northumbria on 4-5 September. On Day 2, Lesley spoke about the Making Space for Water Project and about her ongoing work using whaling journals to explore an idea of north based in the aesthetic of the north-east of Scotland, looking out over the North Sea and into the colder currents and weather systems at the horizon.

Callum Innes, Exposed Paintings. Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh.

Themes during the conference were

how we in-habit our landscape, with the emphasis on “in”. There is a soft border between the ground and the sky, and this intermediate layer is the layer we inhabit

where the north actually is: is it a designation based on latitude, or temperature, or ecology? is it a negation of other things?

a ‘northern’ concept of history, based on migration, on movement through the world. should all history be written this way?

language gives access to landscape; words become embedded memory



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