The project

This project has grown out of an earlier trans-disciplinary collaboration. Making Space for Water, People and Biodiversity in Scottish Cities was funded by Scottish Crucible to enable Rebecca Wade, a physical geographer at Abertay University, and Jo Vergunst, an anthropologist at Aberdeen University, to share research methods and fieldwork. Through this they developed new insights and practical methodologies; and now with the support of Imagining Natural Scotland, the collaborative team now includes Lesley Harrison, a poet and writer.

Poetry is an artform that lives within language at both a conscious and subliminal level. It plays with symbols and conventions of communication and understanding, and can explore how these form and grow, and are deliberately manipulated.

The methodology shared by Rebecca and Jo involved walking the waterways: to describe, explore and document its journey; to record how the river had been sectioned off, appropriated, hidden or interpreted by the communities along its course; and to banish artificial divisions between kinds of knowledge about, and ways of knowing, the river.

In the course of our walking, our themes might be

borderlines and no-man’s-land

parallels and co-incidences

lines of desire

time and time zones

Imagining Natural Scotland is funded by Creative Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage as part of the Year of Natural Scotland 2013.



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